10 important things about realizing and creating abundance

  1. Be in the right place – is the place suitable for you in terms of people, environment, location, atmosphere? If you get up every morning willingly to go to him-a sign that he’s getting the best out of you and if he’s not, he’s getting sick and making you sick. Do not have a choice in front of life. Listen to what really suits you and do not ignore the inner voice.

2. Do what you want – In most of our lives we act out of social and environmental conditioning and are more disconnected from ourselves. Connect to the inner voice and let it lead you in your election, and do not let people make a noise in your head. Do not stop or deny yourself something to regret later and have qzz in your life.

  1. Life is a journey of experiences and failures and tests and development. Every place you are in is designed to be a trigger for development, you can stay in your comfort zone or get out of it and grow up. It all depends on your choice – to stay or move. Let fear manage you or manage yourself.
  2. The biggest challenge of your life is fear? In your unconscious system there are a lot of fears that make you make choices as they are, be aware of your fear and influence on you. That’s the only way you can change your reaction when things you want do not happen. Hug your beloved cat; and tell him that you are together here on this trip.
  3. Honesty, what do you really want? Many times we tell ourselves stories and fly with thoughts and fantasies, when it really is not really, but really what we want and need. So a bit of sincerity and depth will raise the real answer and then you’ll see how when you’re accurate, things really happen.
  4. Ego – Most false choices are made out of fear, fear and nourishing the ego. Ego is your frightened place that fills your mind with thoughts, defends and converges, and vice versa, all its activities are done to keep you under control so that you stand in place. Standing in the place leads to situations of difficulty and suffering, flooding you with emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Like ping pong – but you are the ball that moves between the players. Only in fear, lack of self-worth, etc. The moment you break the mold and go out of the noise in your head and move to the inner (intuitive) listening, you create a new situation, a new choice that advances you another step in your development journey. So take a deep breath, do something to clean the thoughts and noises, something fun, dance, laugh, walk. Anything that fills you up yourself. Then, listen to the belly and the body from there will come clarity.
  5. What to do when you do not know what to do – Give yourself a moment, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, calm your thoughts from the noises of the day and go back on time to childhood. Imagine yourself as a little girl, do not think much, but let the girl you lead the game of imagination. Look at what the child is doing, where she is and with whom.
    Look at her face and try to understand how she feels? What is she asking you? If you let her talk to you, she’ll tell you what you really feel then and now. Ask her what she likes to do. What is fascinating / intriguing her? What will fill her with passion and happiness.
  1. Who is responsible for abundance – imagining that there is a pipeline of abundance – and feelings thoughts and beliefs are the index that dictates the quantity and quality of flow of abundance to your life. And that means you determine how you conduct your flow. In everyday reality we face every day many decisions in all areas of our lives. Choosing from a negative emotion, thought, or belief in advance will result in a negative outcome. Even if at the moment it does not seem so, the probability of long-term outcome is negative. The best way to increase the flow of abundance is through love, listening, and compassion for yourself. Remember that you came to study and develop. Each lesson is good because it allows you to learn about yourself and connect and get yourself. Any such connection increases more and waives the light that enters.
  2. Here and now
    Our natural tendency is always to think about what has been and what will be. Once the past and the future are the dominant factor of your thoughts, you get stuck where fear reigns. The future is unpredictable and the past happened as it was because we were younger and inexperienced. The best way to create a good future is by choosing the present in a correct and attentive way, “here and now,” life is happening here. When you waste your time thinking about the future, the present eludes you and gives it the opportunity to move forward now. Live life here and now and listen to real and internal desires and desires now, check what is available and possible now and do not adopt the frustration what you do not see how things work out. The abundance, the money, and the opportunity come to you, any element of fear will sabotage your way, it is possible to be afraid to be as long as you realize that it is a passing illusion, the one that controls your life and not it.
  3. Home inspection. Start answering simple questions like: Where do I live, what do I eat, do I sleep well, do I have quality time for myself, do I do things by choice. Sometimes small steps drive larger wheels, so start taking care of small things that are currently possible and create good feelings, just to get out of the blocking circle and lift up from the negative energy and recharge with positive energy.
    Try now to understand the starting point of the feelings you feel. What happened and what was the real trigger for blocking. In order to create a significant change, it may be time to make new decisions, because something is not working right now, decisions must be made from an attentive and patient place, not from an impulsive place. All this after confronting the noises in your head.