The benefits of coffee

The coffee is the earliest antifungal drug we know. Contains caffeine, a substance that acts on the nervous system, releases adrenaline that increases heart rate and increases blood pressure. Limited use can even be used as a medicinal herb and contribute to us. Excessive use can damage and damage various systems in the body.

The coffee stimulates the nervous system, reduces fatigue, improves mood, increases energy before exercise and improves athletic performance, stimulates the digestive system by increasing the flow of digestive juices and accelerating intestinal activity. The coffee relieves pain, relieves headaches. Can relieve asthmatics by expanding symphonies, dilating blood vessels.

New research has found that coffee prolongs life. Another study shows that drinking coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and others have found it contributes to the prevention of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Overdose can cause irritability in the nervous system, restlessness, insomnia, hypersensitivity, tremors and can cause anxiety to those who tend to them. Can cause abdominal pain, increased bowel movements, increases acidity in the stomach, increase in blood pressure. May cause dehydration due to excessive urine secretion and can affect fluid balance in the body. Coffee with increased consumption can damage the kidneys and increase the acidity of the blood.

Pregnant women are not advised to drink coffee that may harm DNA and cause miscarriage. For comforters it is recommended to avoid as much as possible. The baby’s body can not break down the caffeine until about 4 months, if you are already drinking after a lactation so that it will take time for the next feeding. It also helps cure diarrhea, fast and without medications.

So how do you know how much and why?

We got some order. When you talk about coffee, you treat coffee only and do not accompany it like sugar, milk, rogelach or cake. Coffee benefits are found only in the coffee itself and in its natural form: espresso or black coffee, and not all kinds of coffee powders such as instant coffee, coffee or coffee. These have undergone chemical processes that changed the shape of the coffee into something unprocessed and even harmful to the body.

Studies say you can drink up to 7 glasses a day, I recommend no more than 3 on the condition that it is sugar free of course and the good type. I recommend not drinking the coffee as soon as you get up, but waiting at least an hour for the time being to drink water and eat fruit, and then the coffee, so as not to cause our body to need it immediately when you get up.

Coffee contains tannic acid that interferes with absorption of iron and oxalic acid, which interferes with calcium absorption and therefore should be removed from meals. Keep in mind that foods or beverages such as cola, chocolate, chocolate, tea contain caffeine and should be taken into account in the daily calculation of caffeine intake. For children up to the age of majority is not recommended to drink coffee may cause side effects.

According to Chinese medicine, the taste of coffee is bitter, the bitter taste is the taste of the heart. The time of the heart is between 11 and 13:00 at noon. Drinking coffee at these times in a balanced dose will strengthen the heart and open it. We do not often talk about coffee …

And yes !!! There is also white coffee, coffee made from the usual coffee beans. Common among the Yemenites. The difference between coffee and white for regular coffee lies in the process of roasting beans. In the case of white coffee, roast the beans but do not burn them, so that the coffee gets a lighter color. White coffee has no real taste, so it is customary to add spices, such as cinnamon, hwage, corn seeds, sesame or roasted wheat seeds. It is considered warmer in the winter and the amount of caffeine in it is smaller than the roasted coffee.

In addition, there is the green coffee that has recently entered the consciousness due to its properties that helps to lose weight. Is unlike others and does not undergo roasting at all. It was found that the consumption of green coffee in drinking or in capsules prevents the absorption of lipids in the blood and even increases the metabolism of fats in the liver. Also, because coffee beans have not been roasted, they are richer in antioxidants and good value than coffee offers.