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Trump cancelled US signature on Climate agreement

President of the United States Donald Trump convened a press conference on Thursday evening to announce the cancellation of the United States’ signing of the climate agreement called the Paris Agreement and signed two years ago during President Barack Obama’s term.

“The administration is working hard to achieve peace in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians,” he said.

“The United States will withdraw from the agreement in order to fulfill my duty to defend America and its citizens,” Trump said. “We will begin negotiations for another agreement that will suit the workers and the taxpayers. We will try to reach another deal and if we succeed, it’s good. ”

Trump slammed the agreement signed by the previous government and said: “The agreement exploits the United States. He is not about climate, but about the financial aid that other countries receive at our expense, as someone who cares very much about the environment. I can not support an unfair agreement that punishes the United States, “Trump said.” For a decade, the United States will lose 2.5 million jobs, Enough energy sources, but under the agreement we have to keep them locked behind a key and leave millions of families trapped in poverty. ”

“China will be able to continue polluting for 13 years, India will receive billions and could double the production of coal, even Europe can produce coal,” he said, adding that “this agreement is not about protecting the climate but for providing benefits to other countries. “In its greatness,” the president concluded, sweeping the applause of the attendees at the press conference.

Former US President Barack Hussein Obama, one of the initiators and initiators of the agreement, referred to the cancellation of the United States’ signing of the Paris agreement and said: “The US’s withdrawal from the global agreement rejects the future.”

Obama is directly attacking Trump’s administration: “In the absence of leadership, and even when this administration joins the ranks of states that are reporting the future, I am confident that our countries, cities and businesses will take a step forward to help protect the one planet we have.”

“The United States has lost its place as an international climate leader, Trump is turning the field to the real leaders of the world who understand the magnitude of the situation and are working to protect the environment,” said Jennifer Morgan, president of Greenpeace. Their countries and the global climate by moving to clean energy economies. ”